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The advantages of an upper GI compression support

Use Efe for your body shape


Conservative Volume reduction of the stomach


Weight reduction at obesity and Adipositas


Very good therapeutical results


Comfortable to wear
``Efe`` - Upper GI Compression support

How Efe works

The Dr. Cebe Medical “Efe” Upper GI Compression Support against obesity & weight gain exerts constant pressure on the epigastrium due to its special design. In the otherwise airless abdominal region, only the existing intraluminal air is compressed in the inside of the stomach. Therefore, “Efe” continuously reduces the stomach volume, thus supporting the reduction of the sense of hunger.

By wearing this specially designed elastic support “Efe”, the meals become smaller and the feeling of fullness is reached sooner.

Good reasons to choose an EFE Upper GI compression support

Why EFE?

1. effective

The Efe compression support decreases your appetite with low effort and saves you from the risks of a possible future operation due to the progressive illness obesity.

2. functional

Easy to use, easy to reduce weight. Without medicinal side effects and without stomach stapling operation.

3. efficient

The Efe compression support is available at selected shops for 370.- Euro (RRP) and here online with us.


What users say about Efe

My dream has finally come true! After countless diets and frustrating yo-yo effects now 17.5 cm circumference reduction at the level of the navel, simply by wearing an intelligent compression support!


Stefanie Well

34 years

Before I started the treatment with you I had some sleeping problems. I snored very strong with intermittent apnea phases. Now everything is perfect, no snoring and no apnea …nothing. And 15 kg less and 15 cm circumference reduction at the level of the navel!


Markus Lucke

46 years

Get Efe at a special price!

The Efe upper GI compression support will be available from July / August 2017 online here at us. The recommended retail special price is 370.- Euro.

You need further Information or are interested in an Efe upper GI compression support?

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